led nerves

C-prints, sensor, 80 ledlight per picture (6 pieces)  2010

Each photograph in the led-nerves series is the size of 80x120 and has about 80 led lights per picture. The idea is that when the viewer sees the work from a distance there i one led lit in the photograph, when the viewer passes the work a motion sensor is activated, this turns on a about 2 second short sequence where the lights randomly seek out a new place lit for the next viever.


Synced 3-channel video installation

In this installation i wanted to concentrate on the tension that grows up in-between the explosions in the video. This tension has a strait contact with the led-nerves photos, in this case the viewer discharge the appearance of the work, as in the video its a given duration in- between the intervalls. Overall i wanted to create an experience where randomness has a big roll in the work, also as a viewer that you participate with your movement in the space and this way visually effect the appearance of the work.

Short clip from presicion