red ma​​rs

Video sculpture / 2023

The last 3 years our projects with the artist group “finnfemfel” have mostly dealt with questions about  populism and its explosive development. How this thinking has evolved and become stronger year by year in many countries.  "The future of man kind" has been a recurrent theme as we in our exhibitions have displayd, for example building rockets wallpapered with populists from different countries, once with Elon Musk as the front man. (go to finnfemfel in the menu for more information on our projects)

In the same spirit and idea the work "Red Mars" was born. A round video projection, the video is a detailed macro filming of the bottom of a ditch near by a factory in Vasa, Finland in the month of May. The ditch's emissions are strongly iron-rich, which makes everything red! The sound is downloaded from NASA's home pages of actual recordings from Mars. The text that falls down in the video is from the band King Gizzard and the Lizard wizard (Australia), the song text for "Mars for the rich" from the album Infest the rats' nest. The band's manager has presented the video to the band and permission was given for me to use the lyrics for this purpos :)
Text in the video by:  Stu Mackenzie, Joey Walker and Michael Cavanagh.

A short sequence from a "staged" documentation of Red Mars