Peter Rosvik & Marcus Lerviks & Sirius theatre / 2010

Peter Rosvik and I where asked to collaborate with the Sirius Theatre involving a play called "underverket". We where asked to make new video art-pieces for the play. The result was a synchronized 4-way video piece with a duration 1:30h. The work was one of the most challenging pieces so far involving technical solutions and working in a totally new and different environment - the theatre! In the end the visual side turned out really good and hopefully the hole crew share my thoughts about the result.

- Marcus Lerviks 

"Underverket" is written by Danish playwright Christian Lollike. The play is subtitled "A text about art, faith and terror" and is a brilliant post about the significance of art in today's turbulent world. It is a piece of contemporary drama, while challenging, provocative, and in its form extremely experimentell. Sirius Theatre, Peter Lüttge directs the show and its visualized by video, image and performance artists Marcus Lerviks and Peter Rosvik. Lighting is planned by Ada Halonen. On stage is Harriet Abrahamsson, Paul Hollander, Paul Olin and Cecilia Paul.