seeing is believing

3-channel video installation / 2024
Duration: 29:28 min

As a starting point for this project I used a one-year video loop filmed between 2020-21. This material was commissioned by Vaasa museum for the opening of the new historical nature exhibition in Vasa by the name“Terranova" with the opening 10.12.2022. The video is shot in the archipelago of Finland in Ostrobothnia, as it shows a seamless change of seasons of a stunning view of the landscape towards Sweden.

The video installation aims to explore the blurring lines between scientific truths and alternative beliefs that appears to be frequent in today's society, highlighted through examples like the belief in a flat Earth. By combining various elements like nature footage, sounds from the internet, and questioning the impact of individual freedoms granted by the online world, the project seeks to portray the complexity and chaos of modern mentality, where logic often takes a backseat to the right to believe in anything. My intention is to capture the essence of a world where people are driven by a need to belong and the freedom to explore diverse beliefs, even if they defy reason.

3 minute sample from the video, music in this clip is by Edvin Lerviks.